Airplane Encounters: The Egyptian Gent

This past fall, in November, I sat next to a Catholic Egyptian businessman, around 42 years old, divorced,  living in Canada, and working in a very similar industry to mine, and we had this crazy 3-hour conversation about being stirred up for the things of God. I knew before he said anything that he already had a relationship with God. I could feel it. 

I remember the moment I knew.

I was coming back from having used the lavatory, and he got up with a smile to let me into the middle seat. The second he smiled at me, my spirit leapt inside as it recognized that his spirit was alive, too. I made myself comfy again, but I could feel the energy and curiosity coming off of him. He was going to talk to me soon. I knew it.

I had happened to have my Bible sitting out as I was doing some reading and some journaling, and suddenly he leaned over to say “I like it that you read this book”.

And then the discussion began, as he asked me about my relationship with the Lord, and I was able to excitedly tell him about what an amazing journey it has been to fall in love with GOD.

I took him all over the Bible as I shared my favorite passages and explained that God has ruined me for anything else other than Him. Throughout the conversation, my seatmate kept telling me that he had never had a conversation like this before in his life.

He left greatly encouraged to live life with passion for Jesus.  He was already a believer, but what happened that evening was God laid his finger on this man’s heart and said “I want you. All of you.” 

We never know how our passion for God will inspire and stir up other believers.  It was particularly awesome to have this conversation with a businessman. God wants to shake up the Christians in business (shake them up in a good way), and use them to take the Kingdom to the business world. 

We have been in contact here and there since that happened, and I know that our conversation made a deep impact on in his life. Praise God!  WOOHOO!

Revival starts with the Body of Christ waking up to its full destiny!


jessicajo said...

I love your new layout and seeing you posting again!

Les said...

haha awesome! yay! good to have you commenting!! :)

Windswept Kid said...

HAHAHA! LOVE! Encouraging to see the Spiritual Awareness! I'm so happy we have a church so awake and so aware!

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